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Hi, there! My name is Carol. I am an an Environmental Health Specialist who is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Mold, along with other Biological Hazards, is one of the 17 technical specialties that we are tested on in order to be given the title of “Certified Industrial Hygienist” (CIH).

I also conducted my Masters Thesis (for my M.Sc. at the University of British Columbia) on a parasitic fungus (Mold/Mould).

I have done many mold investigations, most in public buildings, but also in private homes. My investigations almost always include air sampling, as well as surface sampling, or bulk sampling. My air sampling always includes both:

  • spore trap sampling (determining the number & types of spores in the air) i.e. spores/m3
  • culture (live mold) sampling….determining the number of live mold propagules to the genus level (colony forming units per cubic metre of air) i.e. CFUs/m3)

In the coming weeks, I will be developing a Blog to discuss the health effects of mold. Each type of mold is known to be linked to certain specific health effects. Now, if a person is exposed to a specific type of mold, let’s say Aspergillus fumigatus, it does not mean that they will automatically become ill. But, let’s say this person is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy & the person’s immune system is compromised, serious health effects from this type of mold are far more likely. Hospital infections from this type of mold can be fatal.

I will be reviewing various aspects of the mold literature & other aspects of mold sampling to pass along to you.

Carolyn Wisdom Hon.B.Sc., B.Sc., M.Sc., CIH, CRSP

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